Just wanted to break your tests!

Actually Cornel ears are bigger and Constantin has a red beard

MonkeyUser comics are drawn by me, Cornel . Coming up with the plotlines is not easy so I’m helped by my friend Constantin and promoted by Maria. All in all it’s an effort of inappropriate developers trying to make others laugh. MonkeyUser was created out of a desire to bring joy to people working in IT by making life a little less boring, but mostly because it’s a lot of fun for us.


You can share and post these comics anywhere you like without telling us, as long as you link back to the site. If you want to use them in a for-profit publication you can reach us at and we can talk about it.


Again you can totally do that without telling us if it’s a not-for-profit thing, if it’s a for-profit thing just let us know and we’ll probably be fine with it. In both cases just remember to attribute the comic to