Merry X-MAS everybody

![(/2017/bugfixing-cars-using/71-bugfixing-cars-using.png “(bug)fixing car using”)

Compile vs Runtime Error


Step Over, Step Over, Step Into, Step Over

![The comic opens depicting clear blue skies with small puffs of white clouds in the distance. In the foreground, a tall castle stands atop a green hill, proudly displaying a blue flag marked with a ‘B’ from the tallest tower. Down below, simple huts litter the landscape. A king is depicted in a throne room wearing a large golden crown, adorning a blue velvet robe with a trident in his left hand. Kneeling before him, holding a scroll marked as ‘changelog’, is a developer dressed in drab gray garb. Developer: “It has taken so much but it is finally complete.” King: “Very good. Prepare the troops for merge.” Once again, clear blue skies are depicted. This time, the castle is no longer in view, and the smaller huts from the periphery are now the focus of the panel. These huts wave a white flag marked with an ‘M’ atop them. Approaching is a large mass of individuals, obfuscated by a cloud of dust that is being kicked up by their approach. The simple tribes people, standing together and rubbing their heads in confusion, look upon the mass of approaching soldiers in contemplation of the King’s reasoning. They each wear stereotypical caveman clothing: cheetah fur togas and bones through their high ponytails. Tribesman 1: “What’s that?” Tribesman 2: “Oh no! We’re getting merged.” Now the in foreground and taking up most of the image, the soldiers are shown running upon horseback, their faces determined as they approach the tribal gathering. Soldiers (/2017/merging-branches/67-merging-branches.png “The conflict never stops”)

Don’t mess with The Internet

Choose your spot

Agile 101

Or how to convince management

Code by the rules

Now you can explain your grandma what is that you are doing

Time’s up

Testing - in a nutshell

Be careful on the next interview

Be careful with that last commit. Time travel might be just around the corner

The hero every code deserves

Such waste of empty space

If you see this you’ve gone too far

Forget Global Warming

Relax, it’s NPM

Memento is a great movie

The single point of truth is always the source code

And make sure you go to the issues section

The oops and downs of open source

Programmers need alternatives to argue

kill or be killed

There is no alien technology - We are living in a computer simulation

In the initial phase unit tests covered 110% of code - we tested even the 3rd party libs

3 IFs

The lion was not hurt

what are the odds to catch them all

the result of dumping all sensor data to the bug tracker

This applies for all routing frameworks

At the release point the product already has a quite amount of tech debt

The production environment is full of strange people

Sometimes a trivial bug has deeper roots

Sharing the DB with th QA Environment is not caring

We know that tardigrade is not a bug

SHA-1 Collision

Static vs. Dynamic Linking

Tales of RegEx: #42

DevOps Life


Programming languages as humans

Technically not a bug

Vim vs Emacs

Special thanks to Fabian for suggesting the topic for this comic.

HTTP Status Codes - Community Suggestions

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HTTP Status Codes

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