Just wanted to break your tests!

The comic opens depicting clear blue skies with small puffs of white clouds in the distance. In the foreground, a tall castle stands atop a green hill, proudly displaying a blue flag marked with a 'B' from the tallest tower. Down below, simple huts litter the landscape.
A king is depicted in a throne room wearing a large golden crown, adorning a blue velvet robe with a trident in his left hand. Kneeling before him, holding a scroll marked as 'changelog', is a developer dressed in drab gray garb.
Developer: "It has taken so much but it is finally complete."
King: "Very good. Prepare the troops for merge."
Once again, clear blue skies are depicted. This time, the castle is no longer in view, and the smaller huts from the periphery are now the focus of the panel. These huts wave a white flag marked with an 'M' atop them. Approaching is a large mass of individuals, obfuscated by a cloud of dust that is being kicked up by their approach.
The simple tribes people, standing together and rubbing their heads in confusion, look upon the mass of approaching soldiers in contemplation of the King's reasoning. They each wear stereotypical caveman clothing: cheetah fur togas and bones through their high ponytails.
Tribesman 1: "What's that?"
Tribesman 2: "Oh no! We're getting merged."
Now the in foreground and taking up most of the image, the soldiers are shown running upon horseback, their faces determined as they approach the tribal gathering.
Soldiers (in unison): "MERGE!!" Panel 6 A sole onlooker, one of the soldiers from the battle, holds the blue flag of his kingdom which is marked with an engraved 'B'. The mass of soldiers collapse upon the village, the dust cloud consuming the area. In the background, feint images depicting green towers and red huts are displayed, alluding to the conflicts that may arise in a merge. Panel 7 The battle is over, and staring at the viewer in confusion is one of the tribesman, holding his spear with a blank expression. In the background, the tribal village remains unscathed from the battle. Further behind, the kingdom is similarly unscathed save for one change: the proud blue flag that once displayed a valiant 'B' has now been replaced with an 'M'.

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